Music is a vital component of keeping guests entertained at your wedding. If you prefer a specific style of music and fear that a DJ will not abide by your rules, it can be tempting to create your own playlist and call it a day; but before you go crazy on Spotify, let us explain why hiring a professional wedding DJ like Backthird Entertainment is so crucial.

This is their profession.

Skilled DJs are experienced at reading audiences and are able to change songs according to mood, time, and audience preferences. The DJ’s undivided attention will be focused on assessing whether he should play Blink 182 or Kanye West. Let someone else take on the challenge of pleasing a crowd—you’ll be too busy chatting with guests, anyway!

You’re still the boss.

Whoever you hire for entertainment is well aware that their sole purpose is pleasing you–the client. Make a list of music that you couldn’t live without being played at your wedding as well as songs you would cringe at upon hearing. Communicate your likes and dislikes to avoid the Chicken Dance, Macarena, etc.

You have options.

Many entertainment companies offer a variety of different packages. With Backthird Entertainment, you have the option of cocktail jazz, pop strings, or keeping it simple. Take a look at the graphic below for details on their various options.

Ditch the iPod and let professionals do what they do best. With Backthird Entertainment, you’re in good hands so you can relax and enjoy every moment of your special day. Don’t delay, check out their website and short video explaining the services they provide today!



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