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After the many expenses of a stunning wedding, it can be difficult for newlyweds to spend thousands of dollars on their honeymoon. However, there are plenty of ways to escape reality together for a few days without burning a hole in your pocket. These budget-friendly honeymoon ideas will help ensure that you spend a lot of quality time with your significant other and keep a pretty penny in your pocket for that new car, too.

Take a road trip.

Singing oldies, snacking on Doritos, and enjoying the beautiful scenery for hours on end… whats not to like? Aside from being a great way to see parts of the country you may never have seen before, road trips are an extremely cost-conscious option that also allow for quality conversation with your loved one.

Choose the cheaper version.

If you’re dreaming of sipping piña coladas on the coast of the Bahamas but can’t quite fork out that kind of money, Florida is the next best thing. With plenty of activities and reasonable prices, this state can be your paradise getaway without spending big bucks.

Watch the flights.

If wanderlust hits hard and you’re craving to leave the country for your honeymoon, the two most affordable (and beautiful) countries to visit are Ireland and Portugal. By checking flight prices frequently, you will notice that flights can be as low as $400 per person round trip. In addition, hotels, car rentals, and food prices are considerably lower than in other well-known regions of Europe. Pro tip: make sure to book your flight on a different computer than the one you check flights on — these companies are tracking your activity and will bump up the prices!

Stay home.

While this option may not seem as exciting, staying home and enjoying each other’s company without the worry of having work the next day will be surprisingly refreshing. Take time to do things in your town that you never had time to do, such as trying the new sushi restaurant or taking a stroll by the river at midnight.

Whether you prefer to stay near or go far, the most important aspect of the honeymoon is spending quality time as newlyweds. With the help of Spare Wheels Transportation and Travel Leaders, your dream trip will become reality without breaking the bank.



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