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What’s a better way to kick off the New Year than a party to celebrate your recent engagement? This momentous occasion is often the first time that all your loved ones from both families get to know each other.

For couples looking to celebrate their future Mr. and Mrs. status, here are a few answers to some commonly-asked engagement party questions:

When should we host the event?

The party usually takes place within a few months of the engagement, right before you get into the thick of wedding planning! You should give your guests at least one month’s notice.

Where should the party be?

Engagement parties can take place anywhere! The place you choose will depend on what type of party you want to plan. Couples who want a small, casual party usually throw it at a house. Those who have a larger party in mind may rent out a venue, like a restaurant or country club.

However, the bride’s parents, groom’s parents… or both… may opt to host. These days, it’s common for couples to throw the party themselves.

Who to invite?

Couples usually invite close family and friends to the party. Keep in mind the unspoken rule that anyone invited to the engagement party is invited to the wedding.

Another piece of advice: have your wedding registry done before the party for those guests who want to bring gifts.

The menu, décor, dress code and all the rest of the details that go into the party are all up to the two of you and your families. Remember have fun; this is your first party as an engaged couple!


A huge “congratulations” to all of our newly engaged couples out there. This is an exciting time for both of you and the start of your wedding journey.


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