Beat the Heat

Kelly Vanderploeg Photography Admit it, you know it's a little bit of a gamble when choosing a hot summer day for your wedding. Despite the beautiful weather and carefree vibes, the temperature can undeniably reach some uncomfortable highs. If you’re sitting here asking yourself how not to die of heat exhaustion, you’re in the right

Summer Weddings 101

Kelly Vanderploeg Photography Ice cream, barbeques, beach days, and an abundance of sunshine—what’s not to love about summer? After a long and unusually chilly spring, we can’t get our minds off of the possibilities that summer weddings hold. From seasonal snacks to perfect dress styles for a hot day, we’ve got all of the bases

Lasting Memories

Kelly Vanderploeg Photography The flawless wedding and paradise honeymoon are soon to be behind you and your new significant other—what does life look like afterwards? Getting back into your regular routine has the tendency to feel a bit boring. However, that doesn’t mean your relationship should feel any less exciting than it was while sailing

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