Many brides and grooms cite one thing as the most nerve-wracking element of their upcoming wedding reception … THE FIRST DANCE.

Everything from picking “the perfect” song to ensuring you look graceful on the dance floor can incite some level of anxiety from even the most level-headed person. So what’s the perfect anecdote to the pre-first dance jitters? Hiring a professional dance instructor. Luckily, Geneva Bride member Vargo’s Dance is here to help.

Here’s a few FAQs that will help you understand the benefit of working with a professional:

1. An introductory lesson kicks things off, and serves as a way for brides/grooms to get to know the studio AND the instructor to learn about you, your interests, and goals.
2. Wear anything that makes you feel comfortable, but don’t forget the bring the shoes you’ll wear during your wedding day.
3. While we recommend taking at lessons at least 3 months before your wedding … the saying “practice makes perfect” certainly holds true. Couples looking for a choreographed wedding dance should begin at least 6 months ahead of time.
4. Think bigger than the first dance! We also specialize in lessons for fathers/daughters, mothers/sons, and group classes.
5. Expect to HAVE FUN! Learning a new skill doesn’t need to be a chore 🙂

A big THANK YOU to the experts at Vargo’s Dance for these pointers! Be sure to check them out to ensure you and your partner dance off into the sunset together in style.

Geneva Bride