All photography by Kelly Vanderploeg Photography

The presence of a professional photographer at your wedding is essential for capturing the essence of your special day. After all, photos are one of the only ways to transcend time and recall the emotions felt on your big day. So how can you be sure that your photographer captures your day in the way that your mind envisions? While its important to let your photographer take the creative reigns, a little guidance will help them understand which moments are most significant to you. We’re thrilled to have incredibly talented photographers including Kelly Vanderploeg Photography, Tom Nicol Photography, and Captured By Lorraine Photography to handle all of your photography needs. Here’s a list of photo ideas that will capture special moments to be remembered forever:

Before the ceremony

– Shots of bride getting ready
– Bridesmaids putting on makeup and helping bride
– Wedding dress hung on decorative hanger
– Close up of bride’s shoes and jewelry
– Mother and bride getting ready together
– Shots of groom getting ready
– Groomsmen getting ready
– Father and groom talking/hugging

During the ceremony

– Entrance to ceremony venue
– Guests walking into venue
– Flower girl and ring bearer walking down aisle
– Maid of honor/bridesmaids walking down aisle
– Single shot of groom seeing bride
– Bride walking down the aisle (taken from behind as well)
– Close up of vows
– First kiss as married couple
– Guests congratulating bride and groom

During the reception

– Close up of wedding cake
– Table setting and centerpieces
– Bride and groom seating
– Musicians and dance floor
– Guests dancing
– First dance
– Toasts
– Bouquet toss
– Garter toss
– Bride and groom leaving wedding

Be sure to communicate with your photographer about what you hope to see captured from your wedding day. After that, put away your camera phone and relax—you don’t have to worry about taking a single photo that day. Thanks to our professionals, you’re in good hands!



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