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What exactly does the groom need to do in preparation for a wedding? We’d like to thank Brides Magazine for putting together this checklist of responsibilities for the groom before the big day arrives. While they provide 15 different to-dos for men, here are our top 5 favorites:

2. Planning out the guest list with the bride.
In addition to providing a list of the friends and family he wants at the wedding, the groom is responsible for finding out who his parents would like to invite (with correct salutations and addresses). He should also track down all of his own friends’ addresses that the bride wouldn’t have in her own phone book.

5. Learning to dance—and practicing.
Many couples want to learn a choreographed dance for their wedding. Sign up for dance lessons at least six months in advance and make your weekly dance lesson a fun night out. For grooms who feel out of their element in a dance studio, the most important thing is to bring a good attitude and not take themselves too seriously. Put in the work and you’ll be a dancing star before you know it.

8. Staying on top of the rehearsal dinner.
Check in with the priest/rabbi/officiant and make sure both sets of parents and all wedding-party members know when and where to show up. Taking the whole rehearsal dinner off the bride’s plate is a huge gesture and will greatly reduce her stress.

9. Styling his wedding-day look.
Not only does the groom need to pick out his suit, he needs to make sure it fits the overall style of the wedding. “The most important thing for a couple to consider when planning their formal attire is the style and feel of the wedding,” says Christina Steinbrenner, director of tuxedo marketing at Jos. A. Bank Clothiers. “For a traditional, more formal event, a classic tuxedo with a notch, shawl, or peak lapel is ideal. Slim-fit silhouettes have been most popular lately. For a less traditional option, shades of gray are hugely popular. Destination or beach weddings call for a lighter gray, tan, or even a jacket-less tuxedo.”

15. Saying “I love you”—often.
Leave little notes everywhere. Post-its, chalkboard doodles, slips of paper under fridge magnets. This is the time to be romantic (and, yes, even cheesy)! Simple “I love you”s will keep the bride smiling no matter how stressful wedding planning gets! You can also seduce her all along the way. Sex kills stress, so getting it on with your bride will take the edge off of wedding planning.

While its fun and exciting, planning a wedding can be stressful so any help is a relief. Take a look at the full article for other ideas on how your groom can do his part in the planning process!



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