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Believe it or not, your magical day will quickly pass and the stresses of planning will begin to subside. Now all you can think of is getting your hands on the tangible proof of your wedding day—the photos! Having a conversation regarding certain topics with your photographer before your big day will be helpful in getting an idea of what to expect. Here is a run-down of some important subjects to check on with your photographer:

1) Length of wait

This is potentially the most important matter to discuss with your chosen photographer. It is completely normal to become anxious for your photos soon after the wedding. After all, how else are you supposed to relive the best day of your life? However sorting through the images, editing, and packaging for the customer is not a quick and easy task so remain patient as your photographer prepares your photos. Remember—they only want to give you the best images!

2) Photography packages

All of the different packages available are something you should discuss with potential photographers before committing. Since every photographer offers a variety of packages, make yourself aware of the price range and amount of photos you are receiving. For example, if a photo album is important to you, explore those options at the start and know what to expect.

3) The little things

Make sure to emphasize any important shots of the wedding that you couldn’t live without. It is not a necessity to have an exhaustive list of every photo to be taken because your photographer is experienced and knows the majority of typical wedding day shots. For reference, here is a complete list of typical photos taken before, during, and after the wedding. However if you have a small list of nontraditional photos, be sure to discuss the details of those with your photographer beforehand.

Waiting can be hard to do but well worth the wait. When you’re in the hands of incredible photographers like Kelly Vanderploeg Photography, Tom Nicol Photography, and Captured by Lorraine, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Simply smile, enjoy your big day, and trust that the professionals have it handled!



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