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Originated from our ancestors’ use of flowers as a way of expressing love and symbolizing fidelity in the Victorian Era, floral arrangements have remained a vital part of the modern-day wedding. Flowers bring a touch of crisp natural color to a wedding, not to mention the pleasant lingering scent their fresh petals provide. Of course, a bride’s bouquet must encompass this fruitful energy; but how can the bouquet’s beauty be consistent throughout the wedding? We understand the time and efforts put into the design of your unique bouquet and are here to offer three different ways to incorporate its unique colors and style into your special day:

Embrace your inner flower child
Flower crowns shouldn’t be left behind at Coachella, these beauties can be perfectly elegant on your wedding day. Whether you like to keep it simple with traces of your bouquet arrangement woven throughout your up-do or strive to impress with a full-on crown of roses, using floral touches to enhance your mane is an easy way to add an effortless vibe to any look. Check out these beautiful wedding day do’s by Lola Salon and Montage Salon & Spa!

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Top off the table
One of the simplest ways to create consistency between your bouquet and the rest of the wedding is to match centerpieces or scattered vases of flowers to the design of your bouquet. This easy coordination will ensure that your venue stays in line with your chosen color theme. Pro tip: depending on the size of your wedding, have empty vases either on each dinner table or in an area of their own that bridesmaids can place their bouquets into after the reception. This way, you get double the use out of your bouquets and will have no doubt that the centerpieces match the flowers seen walking down the aisle.

Photo by Kelly Vanderploeg Photography

Photo by Kelly Vanderploeg Photography

Edible petals
Embellish your wedding cake with the same flowers used in your bouquet! This technique not only provides consistency of color and style, but also adds an air of sophistication to any cake. Afraid you’ll accidentally chomp on a petal? Have your bakery create realistic floral designs to recreate the effect of having real flowers on your cake. We have to agree that the best part about these flowers is that they taste as good as they look. ☺

The Sugar Path

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Don’t let all that time spent on making the perfect bouquet go to waste—use these ideas to incorporate your one-of-a-kind bouquet into the entirety of your wedding! Flower power to all brides and happy planning!


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