With the holidays rapidly approaching we here at Geneva Bride are also ushering in another big, celebratory season … ENGAGEMENTS! Engagement Season, or, the period just before Thanksgiving until just after Valentine’s Day, is upon us.

We love this time of year. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement … especially as newly engaged couples start their journey toward their wedding day. But, first things first: There’s a beautiful, sparkly gift to purchase and an important question to ask.

For this installment of Geneva Bride’s blog we went right to the expert source on all things beautiful, sparkly, and meaningful … State Street Jewelers! We asked their experienced team for insider tips on what couples need to know when buying engagement rings.

Here’s the scoop:

1- Allow yourself time. It will be a much more enjoyable experience if you have time to shop. This applies to both the day you visit a store in-person, and the total amount of time needed to order and receive your ring. If you have a special design in mind you can have it custom-mad; if you choose a piece that is made by a designer, remember that some companies take up to six weeks to order your ring.

2- Work your budget well. You should buy the best ring you can without going into major debt. You want to look for a quality ring that will last a lifetime, so make sure that the setting is well-made and that the jeweler that you purchase from will stand behind your purchase for years to come.

3- Work with an experienced jeweler. There is a big difference between a clerk that is just selling a product and a jeweler who has been educated on the craft. A jeweler can provide detailed information on your specific diamond or gemstone, which is valuable information when you’re making such an important purchase.

4- Consider your partner’s style. You can make your decision much easier if you do a little homework before shopping. For instance, choosing the shape of the center stone. Shape is the actual geometry as opposed to cut which relates to the placement of the facets on the stone. Next you will want to know the metal. Does your partner prefer white metals, such as platinum or white gold? There are also many designs available in yellow gold and rose gold. It would also be helpful to have an idea of design—do they prefer heirloom-inspired, or contemporary?

5- Don’t forget the wedding band. When you find the perfect ring be sure to also consider the wedding band. If you are making a custom ring or ordering from a designer brand it’s a good idea to select the matching wedding band at the time of your engagement ring purchase. That way, the two rings can be made at the same time ensuring a perfect match. You can always leave the wedding band on lay away to be picked up when it is closer to your wedding date.


A big thanks to State Street Jewelers for these tips! As the Fox Valley’s premier jeweler for nearly 30 years in Geneva, Illinois their team of gemologists, designers, and goldsmiths are truly the best in the business.

Happy shopping!

Geneva Bride