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Brides can’t help but be beautiful; it’s the sincere glow of someone who couldn’t be happier to marry the love of their life. We’ve put together a small checklist of to-dos before you say, “I do” to help make sure you’re looking – and feeling – your absolute best.

Do: Get a facial

Facials are proven to nourish and replenish your skin, creating a perfectly smooth canvas for wedding day makeup. Since your makeup will likely be a lot heavier than your skin is used to, it’s also a good idea to go foundation-free for the week leading up to your wedding. Looking for the perfect place to brighten up your skin? You’re in luck – one of our very own Geneva vendors, Montage Salon and Spa, is bringing back their Pumpkin Apple Facial Peel starting October 1st. What’s better than a pumpkin spice latté in facial form?

Do: Keep it natural

Makeup should be used as a tool to highlight your features, not hide them. Staying true to your natural color palette and keeping the look natural will keep you glowing throughout day and night.

Do: Stay hydrated

This one sounds obvious, but it’s a crucial pre-wedding day routine. Drinking around three liters of water a day will quench your skin and in addition to keep your energy level up. If you want to take the extra step, sip on some H2O with added minerals (it’s the secret to a French women’s dewy complexion!).

Do: Stick to what you know

Always make sure to consult your hair and makeup artist beforehand and test out a few different looks so that you’re not caught off guard mere hours before walking down the aisle. Wedding photos are cherished forever so it’s best to choose a timeless look that won’t make you cringe when you look back in twenty years.

Do: Smile!

It’s your wedding day, after all! While Geneva’s lovely salons Montage and Lola can help make you look flawless, it’s no secret that a girl’s best makeup is always her smile. ☺

Make sure you check out Montage Salon and Spa and Lola Salon to get ideas on all things bridal beauty and get a head start on choosing your unique style for the wedding day!



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